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with _____ deepened!

Hey. I'm so sorry to put this on your dashes, but my mom really need some help here...



My mom is a entrepreneur, owner of her small business. (She is a massage therapist who owns her own spa.) From the beginning of this month, Chase (The credit card company) started this program that will small business owners an opportunity to receive one of 20 $150,000 grants to help them expand…

She only needs 38 more votes to go! It ends tomorrow! Please go and vote for her! For those of you have already done that, I thank you so so much, really! Thank you!! 

Coming off hiatus real quick just to ask you nerds to please help my friend out. It would mean a lot to her if you’d just press that vote button.

Dearest Followers,

I’m going to do something I never actually thought I would do: I’m going on a hiatus. I’ve come to realize that I’ve got a few personality flaws that are unfair and downright hurtful. The people affected deserve better than this and until I’ve sorted myself out, I need to take a step back from things. I hope you all understand. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but feel free to unfollow me during this time. My sincerest apologies to all of you.


Mega Sharpedo Vs. Mega Camerupt


Mega Sharpedo Vs. Mega Camerupt


"You lick her face to find out if she’s good or evil. You find out that she’s good; she finds out that you’re a creep."


well i hope that cruel angel got into grad school

I see that tumblr also slowed the mobile app down today in support of… oh wait no it’s always like that.


the turkey swiss on rye incident